About Me

My name is Kate. I have lived all over, but grew up in Connecticut and find myself here again. When not lawyering, I try to eat locally and seasonally… but mostly just try to eat deliciously. Having an amazing (almost) year-round farmers market (Coventry Regional Farmer’s Market) close by makes that easier. I’ve spent time in Spain, Alaska, Maine and Ireland and Spanish olive oil and wine, Irish butter, Maine potatoes (ok, and beer) and Alaskan beer still find their way into my cooking. Anyway, welcome to my work in progress.

Get in touch with me at: snowflakekitchen[at]gmail.com.


One Response to About Me

  1. Susan Blando says:

    So nice to read a blog from a Connecticut-er! When your blog today mentioned two snowfalls I thought…hmmm….is she here? And yes, you are.
    Love your info!

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